Its great having a solution. If you cannot deliver and integrate that solution, its pointless. Practicality and usability extend to logistics in both delivery and integration. The construct of the Tutudesk is not born from luck. It is designed to be easy to transport, store, carry and integrate. The Tutudesk Campaign has spent years, in over 3,000 school engagements perfecting the integration and meaning of the Tutudesk.

In many respects, the ability to deliver a solution is as important as the solution itself. Too many times, the inability to delivery infrastructure results in solutions being grounded before they start. The key elements of the Tutudesk concept, design and manufacture include:

Through years of development, a Tutudesk now takes around 3 minutes to manufacture and print. When responding to the needs of learners they cannot afford to wait for extended manufacturing times and bureaucracy. And we cannot afford to delivery “later”. Every day impacted by a lack of infrastructure is a day lost.

Traditionally, normal desks are expensive to manufacture and deliver, with logistics in many geographical areas posing insurmountable challenges. As resources are stretched, efforts are typically focused in urban areas, leaving rural and underdeveloped regions unattended.

It is these areas where The Tutudesk Campaign focuses its efforts, to ensure that those normally left behind are assured of an equal opportunity at literacy development and some kind of meaningful learning experience.

The design of the Tutudesk offers a further benefit to learners and sponsors through ease of delivery and integration.

The design allows for multiples of delivery compared to traditional school desks:

From an integration perspective, the Tutudesk operations team have spent 15 years and over 3,000 school engagements in Southern Africa ensuring that the sustainable use of Tutudesks is entrenched in both the recipients and schools. In this region, each handover follows a specific formula developed to include learners, teachers, and school governing bodies.

Tutudesk is provided to schools with a desk shortage of between 35% to 100%.