Disaster And Conflict Areas

Children are by far the most impacted in disaster and conflict situations. When displaced, and at their most vulnerable it is vitally important to create as much of a stable environment as possible. Tutudesk offers and immediate solution to arrange classrooms at any time and any place. Its portability further allows for easy migration as necessary.

Responding to the challenges children face through displacement by natural disaster or conflict is everybody’s business. The impacts are far reaching and we, as world citizens, have moral and practical obligation to assist.

Children are at their most vulnerable when forcibly displaced and a sense of normalcy is paramount. By setting up classrooms and spaces for learning, we create an environment of relative safety where children can be contained and continue with education in this (hopefully) interim period. This extends to refugee children who often do not have the luxury od education when migrating.

It is an unfortunate reality that children are most susceptible to trafficking and other horrors under these conditions, and the ability to create a safer environment immediately cannot be ignored:

In terms of disaster and conflict driven displacement, timing is a important. Tutudesk offers a solution that can be pre-made to respond immediately to such instances. At only 1 cubic meter per 1,000 Tutudesks, storage and preparation can be a proactive action rather than waiting for manufacture in response.

Then transport of Tutudesks is far easier and cheaper than traditional solutions translating into the allocation of saved funding into other needed areas and necessities.