While Tutudesk delivers to learners of all ages, we focus on primary school learners for several reasons:

Primary school level is where the foundation for meaningful education development is attained. When we ignore this phase, we compromise the entire school career, achievement and ultimately stunt opportunities for employment later. Tutudesk is a pro-active solution when used at the right time and in the right space.

Writing is a key component of the functional literacy of a learner and will be a significant factor in the individual’s ability to hold a job in the future. READ MORE UNDER IMPACT HIGHLIGHTS or download the Tutudesk IMPACT STUDY

The Tutudesk is designed to be carried comfortably by the average 6-year-old and older. It is manufacture to international ISO standards to be:

At under 1 kg this portable surface ensures that enough room is available for both a textbook and writing paper, creating the required points of reference needed at school in this crucial phase.

Basic educational messaging printed on the Tutudesk further enables a quick reference to literacy and numeracy basics universal to primary school learning in any language:

The more we invest into primary schools, the more we create a generation likely to succeed and become economically active.