Laurence Woodburn - Director


Laurence is a seasoned change manager with fifteen years of diverse business experience and holds BCom (Hons) and MBA degrees.

Laurence brings a multi-disciplinary background, proven strategic vision and intellectual depth to the Campaign Centre team, coupled with a high level of creative and innovative with a focus for problem solving. He has a strong platform of business planning and feasibility studies, an entrepreneurial orientation and a probing insightful mind.

Laurence’s forte is best described as finding profitable and long lasting business solutions – in the instance of the Campaign Centre, these skills are being utilised to full effect so as to ensure both achievement of the Campaign Centre’s objectives, and further to ensure sustainability of the Campaign Centre’s work. Laurence is an experienced trouble-shooter with the ability to quickly understand an organisation and its major issues through sound analysis and by thoroughly delving into the detailed workings of the business. He believes in a hands-on approach in order to ensure a sound grasp of the intricacies that are involved and required to ensure success, and he has been involved in both start-up situations as well as providing turn-around solutions and their implementation in several businesses.