Mpho Ntholeng - Director


Mpho Gift Ntholeng is the Founder and Managing Director of Mojo Box Corporation, a Proudly South African Social Enterprise born out of the need to address key social and developmental challenges which primarily affect youth. With the MojoBox innovation the organisation aims to encourage responsible sexual behaviour amongst youth by creating a fun social brand which is part of popular culture. Through the brand and creation of “in your face social campaigns” Mojo Box Corporation will develop a trend that dares youth to take pride in their sexuality and take back their Mojo.

Mojo Box Corporation has also recently acquired the licensing rights for other high impact social innovations from Kommunity Group Projects, an internationally recognised, award winning Social Development organisation based in South Africa. These products include IziWasha, a handheld washing solution targeted at the more than 9 million households in South Africa without a washing machine; as well as other innovations in fields of Education, Sports and Human Capital all of which are youth orientated.

Mpho writes for AFURA an online publication and his interests include entrepreneurial initiatives as well as a keen interest in thought leadership centred on citizenship and accountability. In 2011 Mpho was inducted as part of the Endeavor Accelerator Programme which identifies and supports emerging entrepreneurs with the potential to make a global impact through their work. Mpho studied (LLB) Law at the University of Pretoria as well as situational leadership through the Blanchard Group; Mpho also serves as a Director on the board of the Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign Centre.

Quotable: “We often speak of changing the world; perhaps we should begin to consider for what purpose we are affecting change” MGN