Messaging is a vital part of assisting in the educational experience of underprivelidged learners. It is very important that the right messaging is communicated at the right time. Tutudesk allows for printed messages including: Basic education including literacy and numeracy, Health Education, Environmental Education, Human Rights, Child Safety, And others

For many years, Tutudesk has carried important messaging to learners and beyond. The mobility of Tutudesks allows for a mobile billboard that carries through to communities, siblings, parents, and extended families:

For our sponsors, this opens the door to a variety of options dependent on requirements and focus:

General Education Campaigns

With literacy development infrastructure main drive for Tutudesk provision, this type of approach allows for general education printing on the surface of the Tutudesk including basic literacy and numeracy:

General Communication Campaigns

Often Sponsors wish to offer communication that covers universal areas such as human rights, environmental education, health, and other areas impacting our constituents:

Focused Communication Campaigns

This aspect of Tutudesk provision caters for sponsors with a real interest in specific challenges or immediate response to influences impacting learners and communities.

For example this can be focused on health, child protection and rights, environmental care specific to regions, security in instances of conflict, health in areas where disease is prominent but preventable and a host of other areas identified where a specific response is needed: